This “Secret Passage” to China Could Boost Gold

One of the biggest questions looming over the commodities markets today is: which way will gold prices go? The action of late in bullion has been subdued. With prices largely trading sideways in the

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Here’s Another Unexpected Source of Oil Supply


This Year’s Weirdest Gold News

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This Base Metal Miner Makes An Unusual Buy

Unexpected item yesterday from one of the world’s largest base metal mining companies. Glencore. Which announced that the company is upping its exposure to an unexpected commodity. The

Two X-Factors for U.S. Petroleum

There’s been a sense that nothing can stop the “miracle” of U.S. unconventional oil and gas. Output has indeed been rising from petroleum plays across the country. Spurred

Oil Output Here Just Hit An All-Time High

It’s rare these days to find a non-U.S. oil region that’s actually upping production. But news this week suggests that’s the case in one far-afield locale: Pakistan. Local