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Iron is Today’s Most Profitable Metal

This according to a study released last week by industry analysts Wood Mackenzie. The report estimated average 2014 industry margins for the iron ore sector at $49 per

Making Money Still Matters

I wrote yesterday about Asian hunger for foreign mining acquisitions. The energy market provides a study in contrasts for Asia. Where firms once seen as aggressive buyers of

Asian Copper Buyers: Hurting Miners?

Several years ago, Asian mining companies were all the buzz. The idea was that deep-pocketed miners from China, Japan and Korea were going to buy projects around the

Battling for Something Worth Nothing

U.S. natural gas continues to be one of the cheapest commodities globally, on a late-historical basis. But despite the low price (in fact, because of it), there’s a

How Bad is 15% For Gold and Silver?

India has taken another step in curbing precious metals imports. Yesterday, the Indian Ministry of Finance raised import duties on gold and silver jewelry to 15%. Up significantly


It’s surprising who’s buying oil assets these days. Not major oil companies. As we’ve discussed, firms like Apache have been busy divesting projects globally. Brazilian oil heavyweight Petrobras