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The Subsea Factory

It’s tempting to think that all big oil companies are the same. They trade more or less in line with crude prices–with little to differentiate one from another

Brazil’s Oil: Less Mega Than You Think

Word last week that offshore oil players may not be impressed with Brazil’s massive pre-salt prospects. At least, not as impressed as Brazilian officials think. Several industry players

China Makes Cheap Coal Expensive

China has long benefited from cheap thermal coal imports from Indonesia. But that may be coming to an end. The Chinese government last week announced it will add

Signs of Lower Costs For Miners

The world’s largest copper producer reported first-half earnings this month. And there were some glimmers of hope for the wider sector. Chile’s Codelco said that its production costs

Good News For African Mining

News last week that Mozambique will be sending electricity across the African continent, to Namibia. The supply will come from a 122 megawatt expansion of a recently-built generation

Looking for the Next Mega Oil Play

News last week that Apache is divesting a big chunk of its Egyptian oil acreage. The company will sell one-third of its rights there to Sinopec for $3.1

The One Thing You Need to Follow in LNG

Japan. Last week, Timera Energy put out the excellent chart below. Showing how Japanese demand is┬áthe┬ádriving force in global gas markets right now.   This is a great