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Shell and No-Risk Oil

It’s feeling euphoric in the oil sector these days. Valuations for E&Ps are good. And firms are having no trouble raising capital. There’s been a spate of junior

Someone Likes Cheap Uranium

The spot uranium market hit another new low in July. Spot U prices slipped to $34.50 per pound during the month. Down over 20% since the beginning of

The Strange Steel Sector

I’ve said it before… there’s something odd going on in global steel. Headline news these days is all about slowing economic growth amongst big steel consumers. Yet prices

Miners Become Currency Traders

There’s been one bright point for miners lately: depreciating global currencies. Reports this month suggest that Australian coal miners are benefiting from a recently-weaker Aussie dollar. Management at

Canada’s Offshore Versus Shale Gas

Natural gas from Canada’s offshore east coast is finally coming to market. Last week, regulators issued an Operations Authorization for the Deep Panuke gas project, offshore Nova Scotia.

Do Copper Miners Need More Power?

Chile’s copper miners are worried about power costs. The concern came to a head last week. After a Chilean appeals court rescinded a construction permit for a new,

Silver’s New Competition

The term “commodity” is supposed to refer to goods that are generally indistinguishable from one another. The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy are both phones. But very different

Pipelines and the Invisible Hand

It looks like a major overhaul of U.S. pipeline infrastructure is coming. This week, both Minnesota’s CenterPoint Energy and Baltimore Gas and Electric said they would raise rates