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Resources Gone Wild

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen mania in resource stocks. But two examples these last few weeks look like just that. Last week, liquified natural gas technology provider

Junior Time in the Gulf of Mexico Shelf

A critical change is afoot in the Gulf of Mexico petroleum business. Major operator Apache said this month it is exiting the shallow-water Gulf of Mexico shelf. The

The Real Cost of Copper

Very interesting study released last week by SNL Metals Economics Group. The report looked at costs in the copper industry over the last few decades. And found some

Why Oil is Good for Real Estate

Sometimes I think we forget how good things have been in the natural resources sector recently. Especially compared to other sectors. Glancing at some data on the U.S. Home

Can Bureaucracy Save the Coal Sector?

Things are not going well for Coal India. Reports this week suggest the major coal producer is struggling with project expansions. The firm has ambitious growth plans on

A Bad Time to Lose Iran

Or least Iranian oil. Reports surfaced this week that sanctions are decimating Iranian crude exports. India’s imports from the pariah nation appear to have fallen 60% in June,

The Hidden Platinum Margin

One of the biggest surprises of the year hit the mining analyst community last week. Anglo American Platinum turned a profit. A sizeable one. Amplats turned in net

The Nuclear Stars Align

We’ve talked before about how Japan’s nuclear woes are driving global LNG prices. With 95% of the Japanese nuclear reactor fleet idled since the Fukushima disaster, Japan has

Is Chile the New Gasland?

Fracking has come to Chile. Last week, state oil company ENAP announced a successful frack at its Arenal block in Tierra del Fuego. Reportedly the first such campaign