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A Moly Powerhouse Fizzles

Interesting data point for the molybdenum market this week. Peru reported its metal production figures for January to May. And noted that moly production plunged 21% during the

The New Enemy of Canadian Gas

Perhaps one of the most significant energy stories of the year. Platts reports that the owners of the Rockies Express Pipeline (REX) are doing an about-face. REX was originally

The Congo Cobalt Ban is Back Off, Again

Word this week that the Democratic Republic of Congo is rethinking new export laws on minerals. Earlier this year, the DRC said it would restrict exports of copper

What Citi Said That Goldman Didn’t

We’re starting to get a look at the new global banking landscape. Yesterday, Citigroup released its Q2 earnings. Including some important snapshots of how the company stacks up

The Japan Nuclear Watch Begins

Some of Japan’s idled nuclear capacity may soon come back on line. Last week, new regulatory requirements for Japanese reactors came into effect. The rules are aimed at

How Mexico Affects European Coal

I was on BNN’s “Commodities” this week. Talking with host Andrew Bell about new sources of gas demand in North America. (You can view the re-play here, as

Dirty Tankers and a Strong Asia

Platts notes this week that freight rates for dirty tanker ships are rising. Rates for tankers between the Far East and West Africa are at their highest level

Squeezing Titanium

Miners know about squeezing out metal. Wringing all the value you can from each tonne of ore. Steel and vanadium producer Evraz announced today they are squeezing titanium.

Here’s A Strange Gazprom Comment

This odd quip came from Gazprom Management Committee Chairman Alexey Miller. Following a recent meeting with the president of China National Petroleum Corporation, where the two discussed gas

Would a Weak Steel Sector Do This?

A lot of investors are bearish on steel (and steel-making metals) these days. But there are some signs of strength from the industry lately. As we’ve discussed, Korea’s