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This week in Pierce Points:

Brazil got an export highway to Asia. China will help construct an Atlantic-Pacific railway to speed shipments here.

Tokyo’s utility looked to dump uranium. Tepco says its will sell its stockpiles because of Japan’s ongoing nuclear shutdown.

Natural gas in India got more profitable. Officials are considering increasing sale prices for “difficult fields”.

Kenya awarded its second-ever coal license. The project went to Chinese and local developers.

Live Updates From The Wilderness

I’m going to do something that may never been done before. Live-blog my upcoming copper exploration.

I’m off to Texas and then on to Colombia over the coming weeks. With the latter destination including stops in the highlands to look at a number of exploration prospects — ones I believe may have the right stuff to turn into a new kind of discovery not only in the country, but in fact across the entire South American continent. 

It’s an exciting time. All the more so because I’ll be accompanied part of the trip by one of the world’s top geologists for copper exploration. I hope to be able to tell you more about this exceptional professional after the visit itself — but suffice to say, this is the kind of geo that little kids with rock hammers dream of growing up to be.

With all of this going on, I’ve decided to do something that I’ve long been envisioning: send on-the-spot exploration updates during my fieldwork. 

Mobile technology has now advanced to the point where it’s possible to snap a photo and drop it into a group e-mail within seconds. A tool I belief is going to change the face of the information sharing and group discussion that’s critical to exploration success.

Just imagine if we could get real-time feedback from experts around the world on the outcrop we’ve just discovered — making our targeting instantly gets more accurate and efficient. 

I’ll be looking to send out what may be the first-ever salvos on this front to members of the Pierce Points Discovery Network — if you want to be involved, simply update your subscription preferences. Remember, at this point the Discovery Network is open to subscribers with corporate affiliations, so please include your company details. 

As always, I welcome and look forward to your thoughts, observations and interpretations. See you on the other side — or somewhere in between.

Here’s to a voice from the wilderness, 

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