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Need Gold Mining Projects? These 2 Places Are Finally Selling.

Two very important notes for global gold mining developers this week. Suggesting some unique investment opportunities are about to hit the market in this space. 

In places most people aren’t looking. 

Such as Iran. A country that’s going on the road soon to market new mining investment opportunities, according to Bloomberg. Including at least one major gold mine. 

Iran’s government will reportedly travel to France and Italy in November to seek investment for up to 15 mining projects. With the country’s deputy minister of Industries, Mines & Trade saying one of the first projects on offer will be the Neekouyeh gold mining operation. 

Neekouyeh is reportedly located just west of Tehran, although few other details on the project have been released. Iran’s gold mining potential is well-regarded however — based on discoveries like the in-development Zarshuran project, which is expected to produce over 200,000 ounces gold yearly starting in 2017.

Iran is reportedly also planning to offer zinc and iron ore mining projects for foreign investment. 

At the same time, another global gold mining nation is offering a first-ever project. India, where the government is now seeking outside investment to create a new mining district. 

That’s the Baghmara gold project. The only gold mining region in the eastern state of Chhattisgarh, which the state government said this week will be put up for auction — for the first time bringing outside investment capital here. 

Up until now, work at Baghmara has been completed by the state mining department — outlining a small gold resource of around 63,000 ounces, plus notable anomalies over six kilometres within the project area.

That could represent an opportunity for a project developer with the investment capital to carry out modern exploration. The Baghmara project will reportedly go to tender next month, with the project award expected in February. 

All reasons to keep an eye out as these new gold terrains open. The next big exploration or development find could come in one of these greenfield mining districts.

Here’s to going where the gold is,

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Dave Forest 

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