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New Government Moves Make This An Exploration Spot To Avoid

I’ve written over the past year of my high hopes for one of the world’s most under-explored — and high potential — nations.


This African island has some of the most prospective geology anywhere on Earth. And the little bit of work conducted to date across the country has unearthed world-class nickel, graphite, and titanium mines — as well as strong potential for gold, coal, vanadium, and rare earths.

But news last week suggests an exploration boom isn’t in the cards here anytime soon. In fact, this may be a spot for project developers to actively avoid.

Those developments came from Madagascar’s newly-elected government. Which said that it is eyeing a slate of measures designed to increase the national take from mining projects.

As reported by Reuters, such measures could include the government taking a direct 10% stake in new mining projects — apparently as a free, carried interest.

Few details were released on how this rule might be applied. But the wording certainly makes it sound like mining developers will come out on the short end of the stick — making project economics poorer here.

The Madagascar government is also reportedly proposing to raise mining royalties to between 4 and 5%, up from a current 1 to 2%.

Such a move is very disappointing for a government that had been looking to attract more investment to the mining sector. The prospect of a mandatory carried interest from the initial stages of exploration is likely to be a non-starter for most companies — no matter how good the country’s potential might be. 

Importantly, it appears that the 10% carried interest would only be applied to new projects — sparing existing mines like Sherritt’s Ambatovy nickel operation. 

Still, this is a solid step backward for Madagascar. If these developments do indeed come to pass, they will make this an exploration locale to avoid. 

Here’s to choosing wisely,

Dave Forest

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