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The Derivatives Loch Ness

Something unusual is happening in the global swaps markets. We expected this for the U.S. New rules requiring central clearing of formerly OTC-traded derivatives for big traders came

The Difference Between Shell and Barrick

Shell announced another big find in the Gulf of Mexico today. The company’s Vicksburg prospect tested 152 metres of net oil pay, at 8,000 metres deep. Vicksburg is

Platinum and the “Group Hug”

South African platinum developer Wesizwe is looking for help from its neighbours. The company has been speaking with next-door miners Royal Bafokeng.¬†At Wesizwe’s annual general meeting yesterday, management

Rupees and Yuan for Natgas

Many North American observers think the natural gas market has gone slack. But a global view suggests this commodity is tighter than ever. The past week, both India

And Another Thing About Derivatives…

Investors have largely been preoccupied with the Fed the last few weeks. But concern about QE has led many people to miss another potentially critical event. The unveiling

India Looks Way South for Coal

More reports emerging this week that India needs coal. Domestic buyers are upset about rising coal prices. And officials are looking at increased imports as a way to

More Good News for Platinum

With bullion breaking down today, the gap between platinum and gold prices is widening. As I write, platinum is trading at a 6% premium to gold. About $75

Penguins and Natgas

The South American natural gas market is looking more and more interesting. Demand here continues to be strong. The continent was the only place outside Asia where LNG

Is the Catastrophe Right on Schedule?

Another down day on the markets. It’s an interesting concurrence that the Dow has dropped 4.1% over the past two weeks (alongside most other major markets). Coinciding exactly