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How Korea Could Help Metals

We’ve talked about how the Korean economy is going strong. A few more interesting data points emerged this week. Korean imports of molybdenum have taken a huge jump

This Just Hit a Record

Capital spending by U.S. oil and gas producers. According to a study this week from Global Hunter Securities, America’s top 100 O&G companies spent $316.6 billion on capex

Another Lost Mega-Project

Mitsubishi doesn’t want to spend $10 billion on Australian iron ore. The Japanese conglomerate said this week it will suspend its Jack Hills mine project in Western Australia.

Add These Metals to the Crisis List

News just now that police in South Africa are once again using force on striking mine workers. The move follows a shut-down at Amplats’ Rustenburg mine. One that

A Couple of Negatives for Petroleum

Petroleum consumption from Japanese power producers is falling fast. Data released today by the¬†Federation of Electric Power Companies in that nation showed some big declines. Japanese power companies’

What’s Rhodium Telling Us?

Platts reports this week that rhodium prices have fallen below $1,000 per ounce. The first time we’ve seen this level since mid-2004. This is quite a fall from

The Age of “Micro-Investment”

It’s tough to find good investments. Especially these days. There’s so much investment capital sloshing around the world. Pouring into all things buyable. Driving up prices for stocks,

A Simple Solution to the Mining Crisis

Accounting giants PwC see the mining sector embroiled in crisis. The group recently released a report highlighting a number of systemic issues weighing down the minerals sector. High