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This week in Pierce Points:

India raised coal imports. Again. The country’s national electricity agency just approved a 35% rise in shipments this year.

Iran courted Western E&Ps. Officials said they want Europe and U.S firms in their next bid round. And they’re going to London to prove it

America planned another pipeline to Mexico. ONEOK Partners wants to build the country’s second-largest natgas export line.

Russia raised $1.6 billion for palladium. Investors led by Norilsk Nickel have secured big bank loans to create a fund for the metal.

Copper royalties will fall, moly exports are opening. And the key dates are coming soon — all part of this week’s Event Horizon.

Welcome to The Pierce Points Discovery Network

The number one question I get asked is: why do you do this?

As long-time readers of Pierce Points know, this letter eschews paid subscriptions and refrains from straight-up stock selections. Instead focusing on events, discoveries, and global under-currents around the natural resource world.

The kind that make building blocks for project discoveries.

In my career, I’ve been fortunate to be on the front lines of a number of such projects. A ten-million ounce gold find in Colombia, the first modern exploration license for a Western firm in Myanmar, and a number of new grassroots discoveries in the copper space (something I hope to be able to tell you more about soon… a big part of the reason I’m writing this letter).

There were a lot of elements that played into the success of these projects. Detailed research to get the concept right, a willingness (even excitement) to walk tens of miles through the bush on any given day, and a love of travel and seeing exotic locales.

But there’s one ingredient that was far-and-away the most critical.


You see, Pierce Points started with a very simple mission — a way to stay in touch with the unique array of geologists, finance professionals, engineers, analysts, and project managers I’ve had the pleasure to meet during the last two decades. To share ideas and inklings about where the next big thing might be coming in the resource universe, and design project strategies to get ahead of the coming curve.

Much as I enjoy writing to you all daily, the best part of my job is the feedback I get in return. Whether it’s a note from a colleague on the ground in Africa reporting on new technical finds, or a friend just emerged from a Hong Kong meeting with a billion-dollar resource fund, having a constant flow of observations and ideas has been a recipe not only for project success, but also for a rich and interesting life.

The thing is, Pierce Points has grown a lot since I started sending it to five friends in 2009. Today, these missives get opened in 45 countries daily, spanning all the continents of the globe (less Antarctica — would someone polar please sign up?).

Many readers I’ve had the good fortune to know already, or to be meet in person subsequently. But for many more, we’ve not yet had the pleasure.

And I want to change that. By formally introducing the Pierce Points Discovery Network.

For many of you, the Discovery Network is new in name only. Simply a fancy way of referring to the research notes and new project briefs regularly shared back and forth — with the addition of a title page, and a snappy name.

The aim of these insights remains exactly the same: to design projects in the minerals and petroleum spaces that can be developed with technical and financial success. Simply, build resource investments that work.

The only change is a widening of resources. Expanding the network by formally including more great minds in the design and execution of these projects.

To join in, just update your subscription preferences. And check the “Join the Pierce Points Discovery Network” box below, before finalizing. (Or simply drop me a line at [email protected])

After that, you’ll start receiving research notes like this one — and the discussion proceeds from there, the way it has countless times previous.

One important point of note — for liability reasons, I have to restrict the group to corporate members for the time being. If you’re a resource or service company, finance firm, fund, or consultancy, by all means get in touch. (For individuals, my apologies for the moment — I’m working on an arrangement that will eventually allow access for all.)

I look forward to talking more soon. My thanks once again for all you’ve done in supporting our efforts — if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the image below (from last month’s field forays in northern Myanmar) says more than I could ever write about the adventure and the blessing that our ventures have wrought.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 11.01.03 PM

Here’s to getting together,

Dave Forest

[email protected] / @piercepoints / Facebook

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